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The Spirit of America’s Story, The Wall

…a Traveling Exhibit Commemorating Our Country’s
Fight for Freedom from 1775 to Present Day

The Wall is a richly illustrated visual story of America’s struggles for freedom comprising a visual walk-through of our country’s history and our fight to stay free. Our goal is to capture and preserve the spirit, the sacrifices, and the rich history of the American people. We do this to honor all men and women in our country’s military and our first responders (police and firefighters) who have served—or are currently serving—to protect our way of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness both here and abroad.

We are a volunteer 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to honor and educate about the immeasurable sacrifices individuals have made in the name of freedom. This wall, unlike other memorials, teaches through a pictorial timeline covering over 240 years. The wall is displayed and accompanied by the originators, who present this wall to the public in an informative and interactive Q&A session.

About Us


For over five years, the founders
of The Wall project have worked
tirelessly to get
from dream to reality.

For a former Marine Corps veteran and the wife of a fallen Vietnam MIA, their connection to this project has become…

more than personal. Their dream has evolved into a part of the lives of all who have seen it. From its inception, they have spent countless hours and dollars to give this project life and to see it become what it is today. The Wall project has become an on going visual diary of our nation’s ongoing fight for freedom, with an end yet to be written. Pat’s & Ron’s passion is seen in every one of their presentations each and every time The Wall is displayed.

Viewing The Wall

Learn more about this great project
and discover what The Wall
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The Spirit of America’s Story traveling wall is a small volunteer non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve the spirit of the American people.


The Spirit of America’s Story traveling wall is a richly illustrated visual story of America’s history from 1775 to the present day War on Terrorism. The Wall honors Native Americans, our military men and women, and our first responders, police and firefighters. To honor our first responders, there is a section in remembrance of 9/11. Generations before us have given us a legacy of freedom that should never be forgotten.

Our hope is that this memorial wall will be a lesson in freedom and an enduring reminder to all Americans that the price for freedom is never free. We need to educate our future generations, enabling them to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the sacrifices that have been, and continue to be, made by our men and women in uniform who protect our freedom and our way of life both here and abroad.

When you come to view our traveling wall, you will begin to understand the heart-felt feelings and values we placed on the selected images used on the wall. We truly hope the profound message in each touches both your heart and soul.

With your continued support, we will be able to offer the opportunity for people of all ages to view The Spirit of America’s Story, The Wall for many years to come.

If you would like to become a sponsor or donate to The Spirit of America’s Story, The Wall, you can do so by credit card via PayPal, or by sending your check, made payable to The Spirit of America’s Story, at 5402 Mason Road, Sandusky, Ohio, 44870.

If you have any questions, please contact us. No donation is too small! All donations are presently used for upkeep and maintenance of the displays. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; all donations are tax deductible.

Seated studentsChildren

The Wall offers a visual walk-
through of our nation’s history
and helps students understand
who we are as a nation.

“The Spirit of America display is absolutely breathtaking! Students were able to walk through a…

visual timeline of every major conflict our country has ever faced and see the challenges our military had to overcome. Students of every age were impressed as well as the adults that viewed this display. They left with a clearer understanding of our history and a heartfelt response of patriotism. I cannot believe this group came to our school and did this for such a low cost. They were with us all day, presented to every group that dropped by, and then stayed for our evening band concert and presented to all parents that attended. Very professional!” —Teacher

Places where The Wall can be displayed include:

Schools & Universities
Malls & Shopping Centers
Corporate Facilities
Company/Business Lobbies
Special & Seasonal Events

Veterans’ Homes & Hospitals
Veteran & Military Events
Memorial & Tourist Sites
Museums & Galleries
Outdoor Events